Actors, entertainers and presenters
Actuaries, economists and statisticians
Advertising accounts managers and creative directors
Advertising and public relations directors
Agricultural and fishing trades n.e.c.
Agricultural machinery drivers
Air traffic controllers
Air transport operatives
Air travel assistants
Air-conditioning and refrigeration engineers
Aircraft maintenance and related trades
Aircraft pilots and flight engineers
Ambulance staff (excluding paramedics)
Animal care services occupations n.e.c.
Architectural and town planning technicians
Archivists and curators
Arts officers, producers and directors
Assemblers (electrical and electronic products)
Assemblers (vehicles and metal goods)
Assemblers and routine operatives n.e.c.
Authors, writers and translators
Bakers and flour confectioners
Bank and post office clerks
Bar staff
Barristers and judges
Beauticians and related occupations
Biological scientists and biochemists
Boat and ship builders and repairers
Book-keepers, payroll managers and wages clerks
Bricklayers and masons
Building and civil engineering technicians
Bus and coach drivers
Business and financial project management professionals
Business and related associate professionals n.e.c.
Business and related research professionals
Business sales executives
Business, research and administrative professionals n.e.c.
Buyers and procurement officers
Call and contact centre occupations
Care escorts
Care workers and home carers
Careers advisers and vocational guidance specialists
Carpenters and joiners
Catering and bar managers
Chartered and certified accountants
Chartered architectural technologists
Chartered surveyors
Chemical and related process operatives
Chemical scientists
Chief executives and senior officials
Child and early years officers
Childminders and related occupations
Civil engineers
Cleaners and domestics
Cleaning and housekeeping managers and supervisors
Coal mine operatives
Collector salespersons and credit agents
Communication operators
Company secretaries
Conference and exhibition managers and organisers
Conservation and environmental associate professionals
Conservation professionals
Construction and building trades n.e.c.
Construction and building trades supervisors
Construction operatives n.e.c.
Construction project managers and related professionals
Crane drivers
Credit controllers
Customer service managers and supervisors
Customer service occupations n.e.c.
Dancers and choreographers
Debt, rent and other cash collectors
Dental nurses
Dental practitioners
Design and development engineers
Dispensing opticians
Driving instructors
Education advisers and school inspectors
Educational support assistants
Elected officers and representatives
Electrical and electronic trades n.e.c.
Electrical and electronics technicians
Electrical engineers
Electricians and electrical fitters
Electronics engineers
Elementary administration occupations n.e.c.
Elementary cleaning occupations n.e.c.
Elementary construction occupations
Elementary process plant occupations n.e.c.
Elementary sales occupations n.e.c.
Elementary security occupations n.e.c.
Elementary storage occupations
Energy plant operatives
Engineering professionals n.e.c.
Engineering technicians
Environment professionals
Environmental health professionals
Estate agents and auctioneers
Estimators, valuers and assessors
Farm workers
Finance and investment analysts and advisers
Finance officers
Financial accounts managers
Financial administrative occupations n.e.c.
Financial and accounting technicians
Financial institution managers and directors
Financial managers and directors
Fire service officers (watch manager and below)
Fishing and other elementary agriculture occupations n.e.c.
Fishmongers and poultry dressers
Fitness instructors
Floorers and wall tilers
Food, drink and tobacco process operatives
Footwear and leather working trades
Forestry workers
Fork-lift truck drivers
Functional managers and directors n.e.c.
Furniture makers and other craft woodworkers
Further education teaching professionals
Garage managers and proprietors
Gardeners and landscape gardeners
Glass and ceramics makers, decorators and finishers
Glass and ceramics process operatives
Glaziers, window fabricators and fitters
Graphic designers
Groundsmen and greenkeepers
Hairdressers and barbers
Hairdressing and beauty salon managers and proprietors
Health and safety officers
Health associate professionals n.e.c.
Health care practice managers
Health professionals n.e.c.
Health services and public health managers and directors
Higher education teaching professionals
Horticultural trades
Hospital porters
Hotel and accommodation managers and proprietors
Housekeepers and related occupations
Houseparents and residential wardens
Housing officers
Human resource managers and directors
Human resources administrative occupations
Human resources and industrial relations officers
IT business analysts, architects and systems designers
IT engineers
IT operations technicians
IT project and programme managers
IT specialist managers
IT user support technicians
Importers and exporters
Industrial cleaning process occupations
Information technology and telecommunications directors
Information technology and telecommunications professionals n.e.c.
Inspectors of standards and regulations
Insurance underwriters
Journalists, newspaper and periodical editors
Kitchen and catering assistants
Laboratory technicians
Large goods vehicle drivers
Launderers, dry cleaners and pressers
Legal associate professionals
Legal professionals n.e.c.
Legal secretaries
Leisure and sports managers
Leisure and theme park attendants
Leisure and travel service occupations n.e.c.
Library clerks and assistants
Local government administrative occupations
Management consultants and business analysts
Managers and directors in retail and wholesale
Managers and directors in storage and warehousing
Managers and directors in transport and distribution
Managers and proprietors in agriculture and horticulture
Managers and proprietors in forestry, fishing and related services
Managers and proprietors in other services n.e.c.
Marine and waterways transport operatives
Market and street traders and assistants
Market research interviewers
Marketing and sales directors
Marketing associate professionals
Mechanical engineers
Medical and dental technicians
Medical practitioners
Medical radiographers
Medical secretaries
Merchandisers and window dressers
Metal machining setters and setter-operators
Metal making and treating process operatives
Metal plate workers, and riveters
Metal working machine operatives
Metal working production and maintenance fitters
Mobile machine drivers and operatives n.e.c.
Moulders, core makers and die casters
NCOs and other ranks
National government administrative occupations
Natural and social science professionals n.e.c.
Nursery nurses and assistants
Nursing auxiliaries and assistants
Occupational therapists
Office managers
Office supervisors
Officers in armed forces
Officers of non-governmental organisations
Ophthalmic opticians
Other administrative occupations n.e.c.
Other drivers and transport operatives n.e.c.
Other elementary services occupations n.e.c.
Other skilled trades n.e.c.
Packers, bottlers, canners and fillers
Painters and decorators
Paper and wood machine operatives
Parking and civil enforcement occupations
Pensions and insurance clerks and assistants
Personal assistants and other secretaries
Pest control officers
Pharmaceutical technicians
Pharmacy and other dispensing assistants
Photographers, audio-visual and broadcasting equipment operators
Physical scientists
Pipe fitters
Planning, process and production technicians
Plant and machine operatives n.e.c.
Plastics process operatives
Plumbers and heating and ventilating engineers
Police community support officers
Police officers (sergeant and below)
Postal workers, mail sorters, messengers and couriers
Pre-press technicians
Precision instrument makers and repairers
Primary and nursery education teaching professionals
Print finishing and binding workers
Printing machine assistants
Prison service officers (below principal officer)
Probation officers
Process operatives n.e.c.
Product, clothing and related designers
Production and process engineers
Production managers and directors in construction
Production managers and directors in manufacturing
Production managers and directors in mining and energy
Programmers and software development professionals
Property, housing and estate managers
Protective service associate professionals n.e.c.
Public relations professionals
Public services associate professionals
Publicans and managers of licensed premises
Purchasing managers and directors
Quality assurance and regulatory professionals
Quality assurance technicians
Quality control and planning engineers
Quantity surveyors
Quarry workers and related operatives
Rail and rolling stock builders and repairers
Rail construction and maintenance operatives
Rail transport operatives
Rail travel assistants
Records clerks and assistants
Refuse and salvage occupations
Research and development managers
Residential, day and domiciliary care managers and proprietors
Restaurant and catering establishment managers and proprietors
Retail cashiers and check-out operators
Road construction operatives
Roofers, roof tilers and slaters
Roundspersons and van salespersons
Routine inspectors and testers
Rubber process operatives
Sales accounts and business development managers
Sales administrators
Sales and retail assistants
Sales related occupations n.e.c.
Sales supervisors
Scaffolders, stagers and riggers
School midday and crossing patrol occupations
School secretaries
Science, engineering and production technicians n.e.c.
Secondary education teaching professionals
Security guards and related occupations
Senior care workers
Senior officers in fire, ambulance, prison and related services
Senior police officers
Senior professionals of educational establishments
Sewing machinists
Sheet metal workers
Shelf fillers
Ship and hovercraft officers
Shopkeepers and proprietors wholesale and retail
Skilled metal, electrical and electronic trades supervisors
Smiths and forge workers
Social and humanities scientists
Social services managers and directors
Social workers
Special needs education teaching professionals
Speech and language therapists
Sports and leisure assistants
Sports coaches, instructors and officials
Sports players
Steel erectors
Stock control clerks and assistants
Street cleaners
TV, video and audio engineers
Tailors and dressmakers
Taxation experts
Taxi and cab drivers and chauffeurs
Teaching and other educational professionals n.e.c.
Teaching assistants
Telecommunications engineers
Telephone salespersons
Textile process operatives
Textiles, garments and related trades n.e.c.
Therapy professionals n.e.c.
Tool makers, tool fitters and markers-out
Town planning officers
Train and tram drivers
Transport and distribution clerks and assistants
Travel agency managers and proprietors
Travel agents
Typists and related keyboard occupations
Tyre, exhaust and windscreen fitters
Undertakers, mortuary and crematorium assistants
Van drivers
Vehicle and parts salespersons and advisers
Vehicle body builders and repairers
Vehicle paint technicians
Vehicle technicians, mechanics and electricians
Vehicle valeters and cleaners
Veterinary nurses
Vocational and industrial trainers and instructors
Waiters and waitresses
Waste disposal and environmental services managers
Water and sewerage plant operatives
Weavers and knitters
Web design and development professionals
Weighers, graders and sorters
Welding trades
Welfare and housing associate professionals n.e.c.
Welfare professionals n.e.c.
Window cleaners
Youth and community workers